My Projects!

Final project

The demo of my final project

Final project Process

Designing and building a one-handed, wireless, motion-controlled video game controller! (I also hack an old star wars toy to read my brain waves)

Week 9

This week, I use WiFi to control a stepper motor remotely.

Week 8

This week, I used to different Arduino boards, the Itsybitsy M4 and a SAMD11C14A to create a lil dancin buddy to keep me company during these trying times.

Week 7

For the output devices week, I wanted to work with LED strips. My goal was to make a device that changed colours in sync with my hand tapping a beat on the table.

Week 6

For input sensors week, I decided to make a 3D capacitance sensor that can detect the position of an object in space! It’s basically just a massive capacitor. I’m hoping to use it as part of a DIY VR setup.

Week 5

This week, we did 3D printing. I decided to make a minimalist bobblehead of myself.

Week 4

This week, I designed a box with a very sleepy and angry man in the box. If you open the box and let in the light, he will scream at you.

Week 3

For my kinetic sculpture, I wanted to create a convenient ‘self-opening’ box that used a very extreme and innovative mechanism for the opening part of things.

Week 2

This week, I created my very own press fit kit. This project primarily involves parametric CAD design and laser cutting.

Week 1

For the first week, we go back to the basics: blinking an LED with the ItsyBitsyM4.